Listen To Drake’s New Track “My Side”, It’s Emotional

Drake drops a track titled “My Side” after performing it at Coachella Music Festival

“My Side” is Drake‘s latest release and features as a bonus track from the recent mixtape-album If You’re Reading This It’s Too LateIf you’re Drake and want to release a bonus song, what will the song be about? Relationship drama!

The production is jarring to begin with before cutting out completely until Drizzy bellows, “Why you never come to where I stay at?”. It begins again, smoother this time and less seizure-inducing.

Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?
Why are we rushing and forcing it? This isn’t making sense
Why are we focused on things that don’t even mean nothing, girl?
Why can we not find the time and sit down and discuss it, girl?

Drake speaks in “My Side” about how girls make him nervous. He asks a lot of questions too, all beginning with “why?”. It fits in with IYTITL despite lacking the lyrics “6” and “God”.

“My Side” is one of two bonus tracks (“How Bout Now”) that will appear on the physical copy of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late which you can download on iTunes.