A$AP Mob in World of Hurt After Crowd Surfing Incident

Image Credit: Pitchfork

After their crowd surfing antics during a concert at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood back in 2013, A$AP Mob are being sued by a disgruntled fan who claims to have been injured when A$AP Ferg jumped into the crowd.

Tammy Nguyen; the woman in question, claims to have been in the VIP area when the crowd surfing initially started. Nguyen says that when A$AP Ferg (aka Ferguson) jumped into the crowd he “nailed her”, and that she had to fight her way out of the crowd without any apparent help from security.

Nguyen is suing A$AP Mob and Ferguson; maybe next time they’ll look before they leap.

[via TMZ]


Heather Perrin

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