Chance The Rapper’s New Album Dropping In A Week [Update: Artwork Revealed]?

[Source: Consequence Of Sound]

Chance The Rapper tells gig audience new album surf is dropping next week

After being spotted in the studio with Kanye West earlier, Chance The Rapper decided to reveal some very exciting news on Tuesday night whilst performing at Michigan State University.

During the set, Chance announced to the crowd that his new album, Surf, which he recorded with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, will be dropping within a week! Having first announced the album back in October, we’ve heard new songs/remixes sporadically, but we haven’t received any concrete information on their upcoming project, however today that’s all changed.

Chance’s announcement is all we have to go on, but rest assured y’all will be the first to know when it drops. Check out the tweets from concert goers at the MSU show below.

[Update: potential Cover art revealed?]

Chance’s little brother Taylor Bennett just shared a painting of his bro’s face adorned with the word “SURF” accompanied by the caption “N E Day Now”.