DMX Accused of Robbing Man at Gunpoint

Looks like DMX is up to his old tricks again, this time he has reportedly stolen $3,200 in cash from a young man at a Newark Gas Station.

According to┬áThe New York Daily News, The 21 year old victim states that he saw DMX at the Gas Station and began to talk to the artist about music. One member of the rapper’s entourage retrieved a gun and insisted that the victim hand over his money. According to the victim, it was DMX himself that took possession of the $3,200 before making his getaway, along with his entourage, in four black Escalades.

The young man followed the convoy long enough to identify at least one number plate. Despite this, no arrests have been made and the allegation is under further investigation.

It is reported that DMX was scheduled to be in Newark for a concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Saturday night.

DMX has been arrested several times throughout his career. He has conviction for animal cruelty, resisting arrest, drug possession and impersonating an officer. He has even served a short stint in Arizona Prison in 2010 where he was moved to the mental-health unit at one point.

When will you learn that crime doesn’t pay, DMX?

Heather Perrin

Author of Glakyrie: The Game Begins and Lambing: Genes are Everything, Heather has been writing for longer than she can remember, but given the fact that she can barely remember what she had for dinner yesterday, the statement isn't as impressive as she would like. Originating from the Welsh town of Llanelli, the twenty seven year old is a freelance professional content writer as well as an author of fiction. Heather self published her first novel on Amazon Kindle last year and is currently working on the next book in the series as well as a stand alone sci-fi crime thriller.