Frank Ocean Announces New Album & Magazine

Frank Ocean hints at his long-awaited third album in a vague tumblr post, Reportedly will be released in july 2015 along with a magazine

Finally! Frank Ocean delights fans worldwide with the announcement of his third album. The singer shared a photo of himself sat on a stool looking down at a stack of albums. The caption read:

“I got two versions. I got twooo versions… #ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDONTCRY”

“Boys Don’t Cry” is the title of the publication while the yet-to-be-named album will follow the critically acclaimed channel ORANGE (2012). A rep for the 27 year old told Billboard both will be out in July of this year. Since 2012, Frank has collaborated with many artists: Jay Z on “Oceans”, Beyonce on “Superpower”, and John Mayer on “Wildfire (Reprise)”. He toured Europe in the summer of 2013 and finished with a gig at Brixton, London.

Channel_ORANGE“At times, Ocean’s dense, gorgeous debut evokes the musical bravura of prime Stevie Wonder, Prince and Kanye West, allied to the mad adventurousness of eccentrics like Björk or André 3000 […] Channel Orange is as dazzling as it is baffling, rarely staying still long enough to get a grip on.”
Neil McCormick reviews channel ORANGE, The Guardian

Will “Memrise” appear on the album? What can we expect from Boys Don’t Cry? Frank, we need more!

If you can’t stifle your excitement, check out Frank Ocean’s Aaliyah tribute “You Are Luhh”