J Cole Gives A Tour Of His Childhood Home

With the release of his third album approaching, J. Cole gives a tour of his childhood home; the inspiration behind his new album: “2014 Forest Hills Drive”.

In the interview J. Cole speaks on his upbringing and the hardship him, his brother and his mother had to go through; he also reflects on how his motives have changed now that he has grown more mature and experienced the highs and lows of the music industry.

Speaking specifically on how he feels when he goes back to Fayetville, North Carolina, he states:

Comfort and pride. I realized recently I’d never asked myself that question. When I’m home, I’m either stopping through to visit or I’m doing something for the [Dreamville] Foundation.

As can be expected from when a rapper becomes as popular as J. Cole, endorsements and sponsorship offers come through thick and fast and can be very enticing – not to J. Cole – on the topic of endorsements he states that:

I’m not excited by business. I want to make music. I want to perform. Louis Vuitton—or whoever the fuck—could come to me right now and say, “We want to do a major deal with you,” and I’d be like, “Thank you. That’s flattering. And yeah, fine, let’s do it.” But there’s no excitement. Excitement is the anticipation of knowing people are about to hear my music. That other shit is an honor and I appreciate it because it [shows that] the work has spread so far that it’s making it on these brands’ radar. But it’s not exciting.

The MC also spoke about why he’s considered ‘boring’ by some critics:

You have no control over what somebody else feels about you, but you have 100 percent control over how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about the people around you, and how you handle life,”

J. Cole continues:

I became happier and started to deal with shit more, not run from the feelings, not have the anxiety, like ‘Complex ain’t fuckin’ with me? Man, fuck these niggas.”

“2014 Forest Hills Drive” arrives Dec. 10 here in the UK and can be pre-ordered from iTunes here:

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