Kanye West And Common To Star In Spike Lee Film

Kanye West and Common have joined a long list of stars set to appear in Spike Lee’s new film Chiraq

Spike Lee has enlisted Chi-town natives Common and movie newcomer Kanye West to appear in a film on Chicago’s violent crime. Chiraq is set to cover the city’s rampant gun violence but most of the plot details have been kept under wraps so far. Kanye will have the chance to pick up some acting tips: other stars set to appear in the venture are Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Piven.

Chiraq has reportedly been taken on by Amazon Studios, TheWrap reports. Common already has a lengthy imdb page: he won an Oscar for Selma and has appeared in Now You See Me, American Gangster, and his latest film Run All Night

What about Kanye? Chiraq will expand his film credits; he is filming for Zoolander 2 and had a cameo in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Let’s not forget the brilliant, outstanding appearance in The Love Guru. Despite Mike Meyers being cast as the lead role, West stole the spotlight in this 5 second clip:

It is a true shame the rapper hasn’t been picked up on his acting talents much earlier. In any case, Chiraq will offer a (hopefully) serious role for Yeezy.

Spike Lee has already come under fire for naming the project “Chiraq”. The derogatory term came after a violent 2012 in which 504 homicides were reported, making it the murder capital of the United States.

“It is worrisome. I’d like to know what the message is in the movie. If the message is a positive one about the progress that is made, then perhaps it will be to the benefit of the community. But I hope it’s a fair analysis of the reality of violence, but also the reality of what’s been done at all levels of government to deal with this violence and to reduce it in Chicago.”
U.S Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois, on “Chiraq”

Is Spike Lee the best person for a film on violence? The controversial director has been dubbed ‘racist’ time and time again. Whether he is prejudiced or not, Lee’s recent films haven’t fared well: the 2013 remake Oldboy bombed at the box office and Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014) recieved a 35% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The latter was funded with a Kickstarter campaign too, which makes it a hard pill to swallow for the Spike Lee fans and backers who raised $1,418,910 for production costs.

Watch the video below of Spike Lee arguing with Trish Regan of Bloomberg regarding his Kickstarter campaign. Keep an eye out for more Chiraq news; will you be watching it?