Kanye’s Billboard Performance Cut By 1/5

Image source: CNN

When will Kanye learn? Swearing isn’t big and it isn’t clever. ABC certainly didn’t think much of his “creative” language as they were forced to censor a whole minute of his five minute performance at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday (May 17th) according to TMZ

It may be par for the course for the top A-listers to forgo their dress rehearsals, but had Kanye bothered to show up someone could have explained to him was “Live” and “National Television” meant.

It was expected that Kanye would be on his best behavior but the artist completely shocked show producers when he pulled his uncensored version of “All Day” out of the bag. His finale performance was littered with expletives including the controversial N-word.

ABC could only throw their hands up in despair as they tried their best to shield America’s ears from Kanye’s filthy mouth. Kanye doubtlessly took this elevation of hands as a sign of appreciation for his apparent creative genius, but the producers behind ABC were muttering expletives of their own for an entirely different reason.

“He knew it was national TV,” one source said, “He’s Kanye, What are we supposed to do.”

Sit him on the naughty step and wash his mouth out with soapy water. He just wont learn otherwise.


Heather Perrin

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