New Tyler, The Creator Album Out Next Week [UPDATE: Stream It Here!]

Tyler, The Creator announces a new album is ready to be released next week, drops two new tracks. Listen here!

[UPDATE: Stream the album below!]

Tyler fans, come in! Tyler, The Creator announced his third album Cherry Bomb is ready to be released on 13th April. Not only that, two songs from the LP surfaced online: “F**KING YOUNG / PERFECT” and “DEATHCAMP“, the latter being the album’s introduction. This is the first we’ve heard of Cherry Bomb – Tyler is clearly following in OFWGKTA’s Earl Sweatshirt’s footsteps. “F**KING YOUNG” has elements of RnB with one of the catchiest pre-hooks of the year:

“There go the police man knocking at my door,
Do I leave out the back and grab my wallet and coat?
Or do I answer real confused like “I don’t know”?
Now me and she held hands and we danced, nothing more”

Tyler, ever the prolific tweeter, shared the album’s download link on Twitter:

The announcement comes along with the launch of the rapper’s new app and magazine. Golf Media will connect fans to Tyler’s creative and insightful process. The funny description reads:

“Golf Media is basically my brain in one place. It does just about everything except cure asthma. If you find an app that cures asthma, definitely let me know.”

To entice customers, the 24-year-old is offering two months subscription free. It look’s like the Odd Future brand is being channeled to new media platforms: Frank Ocean also announced a publication titled Boy’s Don’t Cry. 

Purchase Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb on iTunes here! Or stream it below