Watch Lupe Fiasco Perform “Little Death”

Lupe Fiasco performs “Little Death” on the Jimmy Fallon stage with his long-time collaborator Nikki Jean.

We had our own little death watching Lupe Fiasco on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The 33-year-old performed the single “Little Death” with an appearance from Nikki Jean who features heavily on Lupe’s Tetsuo & Youth album. We’ve had our eye on this track since the album release, so it’s great to see the Chi-town native perform it.

Lupe livened up the show with some Erykah Badu style moves as The Roots power-housed “Little Death”‘s soulful hooks. Nikki Jean’s smooth vocals go perfectly with Lupe’s visionary lines.

“How is your memory?
Is it returning like a lemon tree
to bear bitter fruit of what you meant to me”

This track is full of goldmines.

Watch the performance below and Tetsuo & Youth can be purchased on iTunes. Is it Lupe’s best album? We’ll let you decide but we think it speaks volumes of his talent. Welcome to planet Lupe! And check out the lyrical video for “Mural”.