Joey Bada$$ – Like Me Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid

Watch Joey Bada$$ get shot in the official video for his song “Like Me”

Joey Bada$$ uses his new video for “Like Me” to tackle the issue of police shooting unarmed black men in the United States. The narrative sees him become embroiled in a love triangle which ends with all three dead; the girl is mistakenly shot during a gun wrestle, while Joey and the other man are gunned down by police. The visuals are powerful –  inviting the audience to see how innocent black men, like Joey in the video, can become targeted by police due to association or race.

The track, produced by J.Dilla and The Roots, mixes a catchy hook and Joey Bada$$’s ‘toroidal’ flow with serious content matter which provides more insight into the rapper’s frustrations with police brutality and racial profiling. The video comes hot off the tails of his debut album B4.DA.$$ which has met critical accalim so far – not bad considering Joey is only 20 years old.

What do you think? Is it refreshing to see and hear a young rapper tackling the issue or should it be left  for politicians and journalists to discuss?

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