Maverick Sabre – We Don’t Wanna Be Feat. Joey Bada$$

After working with him on “My Yout” and “On & On” from his well-received debut album B4.DA.$$, Joey Bada$$ returns the favour by featuring on Maverick Sabre’s latest single, “We Don’t Wanna Be”

Joey Bada$$ is well-known for his politically motivated videos and his activism appears to have worn off on Maverick Sabre. In the video directed by Drew Cox, for the New Machine-produced track, the Hackney-born-Irish-raised soul singer fights the power in his songwriting.

Speaking on the song to Complex, Maverick Sabre said:

“Me and Joey just connected from the first day we met, and being in the studio together is always inspiring. We’re on the same wavelength so much we could do a collaboration album in one night, if we wanted to. This song right here is an anti-oppression, anti-systematic song—​a voice for what’s going on in our world in the current climate which we are all living and dealing with daily.”

Watch the vid above.

[via Complex]