Tyga’s “40 Mill” Video Is Creepy!

Watch Tyga throw a rose into his own casket in the new video for “40 Mill”

Tyga gives us the dark visuals for the Kanye West & Mike Dean produced track “40 Mill”. The rapper directed the short film himself which juxtaposes fame and fortune with demons and death. The video shows Tyga’s lavish lifestyle – riding in super cars and rapping poolside with his ‘girls’


Tyga raps poolside with a wad of cash and mamacitas

Unfortunately for Tyga, he has a creepy demon shadow hanging over his shoulder and watching his every move. Whoever was cast as “Demon #1” deserves an Oscar for fueling the nightmares of 13-year-old wannabe rappers everywhere.


Avert your eyes, demon!

There is definitely no in between in this video. Tyga is either praying for mercy in the demon church or rapping on rooftops for adoring fans:


Tyga, please! Don’t jump! – Kylie Jenner

Despite the lack of middle ground, T-Raww achieves what he set out to do; the cinematic for “40 Mill” is quite impressive in its HD quality and contrasting content. The video ends with Tyga throwing a black rose into his own casket. Dead T-Raww then opens his eyes to reveal he has become a demon in the afterlife. The closing shot is quite melancholic:


Okay… Thank for that Tyga. Hope you’re doing good, too!

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