Watch Kanye West Perform An Early Unfinished Version Of Gold Digger

Watch this VCR recording of Kanye performing what would have been one of, if not the earliest live performances of “Gold Digger”

Although rare, we’re sometimes blessed with a videos of famous celebrities before they were famous that are miraculously are unearthed and posted onto the interweb. Today this video has come in the form of a YouTube video uploaded by Channel Dynamic of Kanye West & John Legend performing the original version of “Gold Digger” in 2003 at The 2nd Annual Dynamic Producer Conference – long before his debut album The College Dropout hit shelves.

In the vid, Kanye’s wearing a Louis Vuitton backpack (still had a little bit of swag back then), a snapback, and a Reese’s Pieces branded shirt, looking like one of those skateboarding, water-cooler backpack rappers, rather than today’s world-dominating fashion magnate. I wonder how Kanye would react looking back at this video now?

The structure of the song bares no resemblance to the 4x platinum selling hit single “Gold Digger”; notable differences include the lack of Ray Charles “I Got a Woman” sample or radio-friendly hook. Instead you’ve got John Legend playing a rough piano lead with Kanye spitting bars.