Listen To The Full Version of “All Day” Featuring Kendrick

Although it’s not an official remix per se; Listen to the full version of Kanye West’s “all day” featuring a verse from Kendrick Lamar

Last week (April 7), the net was set ablaze with brief snippets (that have since been taken down) of Kendrick Lamar rapping over Kanye West‘s “All Day”. Fast forward four days, and we learnt that Kendrick’s verse on the track was not actually an official remix but simply an explanation for his credits on the song. Nevertheless, we have the full length track for you to feast your eager ears upon on what could have been one of the collaborations of the year so far.

You may recognise the following lyrics on the track that resemble Kanye’s on the official version:

“24/7, 365 days, everybody gettin’ paid
Niggas lookin’ at me like I’m worth both MJs


[…] Only way I can sum it up some, bitch.”

So wipe those tears of disappointment away and listen to Kendrick’s verse that someone has interpolated into the full track.