Rihanna – Towards The Sun

Rihanna enlightens us with “Towards The Sun”, taken from the animated film Home

Not only has Rihanna been collaborating with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, she has been busy curating the soundtrack to the animated film Home. “Towards The Sun” is the first single released from the concept album and features a children’s choir and uplifting lyrics:

“Don’t look back, just carry on
and the shadows will never find you.”

Aw, Ri! So sweet. Rihanna lends her voice to the film as lead character Tip, a young girl who befriends an alien called Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons). Jennifer Lopez also stars in the animation as well as contributing to the soundtrack.

Rihanna seems proud of the project so far and shared an exclusive clip on Twitter:

Listen to “Towards The Sun” below.