Watch As Kanye Tries To Walk On Water

Kanye West turns his Yeezus abilities to water, attempts the impossible. Does he succeed?

Wake Up Mr. West!  Kanye West is currently visiting Armenia with his wife and sister-in-law to promote the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Whilst there, the rapper performed in the capital Yerevan next to the city’s Swan Lake and got a little overexcited – both he and the crowd ended up wet.

yelake‘Ye channelled his inner-Yeezus and attempted to walk on water – at least that’s the prettiest description we have. In reality, Kanye jumps around a cold-looking lake while attempting to remain upright and continuing to perform. Soon after, the crowd plowed in after the rapper, scrambling to touch the worldwide star. Yeezy’s security came to the rescue, though, and West’s silly antics led to the concert being shut down. Sorry Yerevan!

Before the damp events unfolded, Kanye shouted down the mic:

“Over there, can y’all see me over there? We’re going to do something different right now, like, like, like we always do it this time!”

Kim Kardashian-West has been updating Twitter and Instagram daily while on the trip with her husband, daughter, and sister Khloe. She shared a photo of Kanye and North:

The caption read:

“My husband and daughter came to Armenia as well to see my heritage and learn about my ancestors! My cousins came along too! So excited I can’t sleep.”

The socialite tweeted that Kanye woke her up to tell her he wanted to perform a free gig in Yerevan. She tweeted at the concert:

Recently, the rapper has appeared in numerous interviews and collaborations. The most recent? “Smuckers” with Tyler, The Creator and “U Mad” with Chi-town’s Vic Mensa. Lets hope he sticks to music and doesn’t choose to full-time as Jesus.