Will Jay-Z’s Tidal Make Waves?


Jay Z, along with a host of fellow musicians, announced the relaunch of music service Tidal. Jay Z staged a massive event to break the news and countless big names took to the stage to sign their names to the artist owned service.

Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Madonna, Jay Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Jason Aldean, Daft Punk and Jack White all appeared onstage in New York for the launch. Alicia Keys even took to the podium to talk about the service saying that she hoped the new service would:

“forever change the course of music history”

After which she and her fellow artists stepped forward one by one to sign a “declaration”. Madge even had to cock her leg up onto the table to stop herself from falling over.

Swedish based Aspiro, parent company of Tidal was successfully bought by Project Panther on March 13th for a reported cool £37m. Since then Jay Z held what he referred to as a “summit” to discuss how Tidal should be operated to benefit both artists and listeners, before announcing on March 30th (with 16 other artists) co-ownership of Tidal.

Tidal aims to be the “Netflix” of Music and Video streaming and there are already talks of streams from the service being included in The Official Charts Company weekly round up. Members will be able to access the service offline but will be expected to pay a minimum of £10 for the privilege, or £20 for the high definition music and video package. It may sound a little bit pricey but we are promised that there will be no ads.

Jay Z and friends will have their work cut out if they want their service to be taken seriously; with competition from Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and American based Pandora, all of which are well established. It’s a shame, then, that all Tidal seems to offer in the way of advancement is high definition quality content.

Artists look set to be the ones benefiting most from the new service as Jay Z claims that they’ll get what’s owed to them in terms of streaming royalties.

But not everyone is backing the new venture and it has been the subject of some scrutiny on social media, with comments made as to how none of those involved in the venture are poor. Not only that but it isn’t even backed by everyone in the music Biz with Naughty Boy tweeting:

With this sort of a reaction, we can only surmise that Tidal is not so much a wave, but a drop in the already vast music streaming ocean.